Pyramidal neuronsAstrocytes in the hippocampus, GFAP stainingMicroglia, Iba1 stainingAstrocytes, GFAP stainingMicroglia in the hippocampus, NDPase stainingTriple immunolabeling: Astrocytes in red, microglia in green and nuclei in blueMicroglia, Iba1 immunofluorescenceMicroglia, Iba1 staining in parafin sectionDendritic cell in red, blood vessels and microglia in greenMicroglia in culture, NDPase stainingAstrocytes, GFAP-HSP27 double labellingPurkinje neuron in the cerebellum, Golgi stainingAstrocytes, GFAP immunofluorescenceAstrocytes and blood vesselsMicroglia, NDPase-AcPase histochemistry
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